Server Rules

QueeryMC operates on a three strikes system when it comes to our rules. However Hacking and Harassment is subject to swift and immediate ban both on the server as well as Discord. If you feel like you have wrongfully been banned by a team member you can make a post with the Banned tag here on the forums.

Our rules are subject to change so please check periodically. Rules changes are extremely rare but to happen.
Our Rules are as followed.

Rule #1

While on the server no matter if you are on survival or creative any griefing is not allowed. We Do have systems in place to fix any griefed areas as well as find out whom initiated the grief. Please do not grief. And if you are suspect to someone griefing something you have built please let a team member know immediately.

Rule #2

Here on QueeryMC we do not tolerate any harassment towards our players or team members and any harassment is subject to an immediate ban. This includes name calling or any derogatory remarks.

Rule #3

Being an LGBTQ+ server we understand that over time there is going to be some drama between players. Please try and come to conclusions amongst yourselves and don't include the rest of the server community. Especially when the drama turns into harassment which violates rule #2.

Rule #4

We do not allow advertising directly on the server. If you have something you would like the rest of the community to know about you are able to make a post here on the website or on our discord. When you are on the server or in discord server-chat please do not advertise. We try and keep an immersive feeling while on the server.

Rule #5

The number one reason for receiving a ban on the server is Hacking. We take this very serious and is subject to an immediate ban. Some hacks are allowed such as Optifine. Rule of thumb, if it's a hack that only effects visuals or graphics then it's allowed. If its something that gives you an unfair advantage then it's not allowed. No X-rays do not fall under the visual category. If you have a question about a mod that you are using then ask a team member. Also item duplication of any kind is not allowed on the server.

Rule #6

To try and keep the community as fair as possible the team members are not allowed to give items or do favors outside of survival for any players. The entire team when playing survival on the server is in survival. And creative and survival inventories are completely separate.

Rule #7

Please do not spam chat. Plain and simple. It clogs up the chat both on discord as well as on the server and can be a headache for the community. Also please do not spam commands. As a warning you may be automatically banned from the server by the console if you do so. If you are by mistake please make a post on the website with the banned tag.

Rule #8

We do not allow Lag Machines on the server. If you unintentionally create such a device we will deactivate it when it comes to our attention and a sign will be placed next to or close by letting you the player know. Consider that as a warning. If you have any questions about something that you are not sure to be a lag machine please ask before creating.

Rule #9

This rule can fall under the same as rule #1. Stealing from another player is not allowed. PVP is not frowned upon on the server however if you kill someone and take there items then we will consider that as stealing. More examples includes but are not limited to stealing from a players house or plot. and stealing something a player has dropped. Stealing in any capacity violates our rules. Please use the ability to claim land to better protect yourself as well as your items from being stolen.
(Edited on 5/22/2021)

Rule #10

To try and keep open chat as clean and clutter free as we can please do not broadcast your complaints across the entire server. Please PM a team member on either the server or on discord. You can also post your complaints here on the server and a team member will respond in a timely manner.

Please note that all rules are subject to change at our own discreation if we see fit. So please keep an eye out for any changes to them. As long as you keep these rules in mind your time on the server and with the community will be a great one!